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Why credit insurance in Coface?

Coface has been a WORLD LEADER ON THE INSURANCE MARKET for over 70 years

Regardless of the size of the country or industry sector, we offer innovative products that suit to the needs and business strategy of the Client. As the only financial institution on the Polish market, we help clients minimize the effects of commercial risk by utilizing the synergy of 4 PRODUCTS:

Synergy of services

By combining credit insurance and factoring, your company will significantly reduce the period of time for payment and it will also improve its financial liquidity as well as protect itself against bankruptcy of the contractor. By using Coface products, you'll be able to grow your business faster.

 Global Coface network

We constantly and contrinuously gather information about market situations. Using our international knowledge and risk management skills, we make sectoral assessments and verifications of companies around the globe.
We have access to a global data exchange network - our Coface database containsinformation from 150 business intelligence agencies, ratings of partners from the Coface Partners network and International Credit Insurance & Surety Association. There is also the possibility of insurance coverage and debt collection that exceed the credit limit.

We have:

  • 513 billion insured receivables
  • 100 countries where we are present
  • 50,000 clients insuring their receivables

We are extremely flexible when it comes to cooperation with our clients. Starting at the negotiation stage, we are focused on the Client’s needs and requirements as we depend on relationship based partnerships. The terms of the contract are tailored to the specifics and requirements of the industry, trade habits and the specificity of the operations of the company itself. As a result, we are able to perfectly meet the needs and requirements of the Client, as well as select the suitable insurance framework in the most appropriate manner.

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