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What is credit insurance?

Financial security for your company

Credit insurance is the protection of your company against unexpected losses resulting from the lack of payment from the contractor.
Protect for your company

Credit insurance will help your company to minimize the risk related to customer insolvency and will bring benefits in effective commercial and political risk management. Trade risk occurs in global trade and it is consequence of unpaid invoices as a result of the recipient's legal insolvency or a long delay in paying the recipient's payment obligations. Political risk is related to the geopolitical situation of country. Thanks to its global reach, Coface provides comprehensive protection of receivables realized as part of the trade credit in the country and abroad.



Credit insurance protects your company against the failure of your customers to pay trade credit debts owed to you. Unpaid receivables may result in loss of financial liquidity and lead to deterioration of the company's profitability. To avoid this, you should have  and full knowledge about companies operating on a market, about industries, and about how the global economy changes. Based on this knowledge, we are able to make decisions that turn out to be accurate and safe.



Our experience in managing receivables indicate that the main reason for the occurrence of unsettled payments is insufficient knowledge about the contractors with your company cooperates. Using our knowledge and experience, you are able to verify the potential customer, choose the right market and determine the appropriate credit limit. This results in a decrease in the number of unpaid invoices. All companies selling their products with a deferred payment date can benefit from credit insurance, because if the customer does not pay the payment, Coface will pay compensation up to the credit limit and start the recovery process.

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