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How does credit insurance work?

A way to ensure your company's financial security

Credit insurance is the protection of your company against losses resulting from unpaid liabilites by your business partners.
The credit insurer analyzes the financial stability of your contractors. These analyses determine the amount of the credit limit to which the insurer provides protection and undertakes to pay indemnification in the event of bankruptcy or non-payment by the contractors. The insurer is obliged to conduct on-going monitoring of the contractors.


We use all available sources of information, such as:

  • Archives
  • Payment histories
  • Financial reports
  • Information on payment morality

 (obtained from our clients)

Credit insurance is also a guarantee of the security of your business transactions. All information collected on the subject of business entities and contractors of our clients is entered into the Coface database.


All collected data is regularly updated and verified. When one of your partners is in a difficult financial situation, you will be informed about the increased risk of transactions and we will help you plan further projects in such a way as to exclude losses by recommending limiting your current trade with that partner.

Insurance policy operation - steps:

  • Client applies for insurance for the contractor
  • Coface verifies the contractor
  • Coface grants its client a credit limit for the contractor
  • The Coface customer sends the goods to the contractor
  • If the contractor does not pay the amount due then:
  • The Client reports overdue receivables and orders recovery of receivables to Coface
  • Coface commences debt collection activities
  • The customer sends the necessary documents to Coface
  • Coface pays out indemnification to the client
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