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For whom is credit insurance?

Credit insurance is a perfect solution for companies which want to minimize trade risk and increase their competitiveness.

The credit insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises is key for long-term success, as it provides comprehensive support for the client.

Credit insurance at MSP

The main advantage of credit insurance is protection against unsettled payments and loss of financial liquidity as well as certainty of payment of indemnification should the customer default on a payment. This is significant since the customer may be experiencing financial fluency issues
Thanks to credit insurance the entrepreneur is able to offer his contractors better terms by extending trade credit. In addition, he has the ability to continuously control and monitor risk by assessing the credibility of recipients and improving internal risk management procedures. Maintaining financial liquidity is possible not only through compensation, but also through the ongoing recovery of overdue receivables by Coface. Thanks to credit insurance, the Client may refrain from creating provisions for overdue receivables.

Credit insurance for the largest companies

Credit insurance protects the company against unforeseen threats and unnecessary costs caused by late payments or insolvency of customers. Thanks to Coface credit insurance policy, its Clients are able to avoid bad detbs.
Credit insurance for the largest companies is crucial when you want to develop your company on the domestic market, as well as on foreign markets. Thanks to global reach, Coface has experience in comprehensive receivables management around the world. Coface is the one of leading business information agencies. Our experts are here to help clients make the right decisions for their companies. Coface credit insurance offers liquidity protection and effectively helps in the management of trade credit, ensuring peace of mind and financial stability thus fostering the sustainable development of the your company.
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