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Coface Smart for medium and small business

Simplified procedures for small and medium businesses

For reasons to choose Smart:
  • minimum entrance formalities 
  • variety of choice
  • quick credit limit decision
  • easy online administration
Coface Smart is a policy for insuring domestic and export credit designed for small and medium businesses with a yearly turnover of between PLN 4 and 25 million..




simplified contracting procedures and a simplified  (Credit Risk Questionnaire)

you decide on many key contract points

getting a credit limit even in less than a minute

high level of discretionary credit limits

pricing in less than 15 minutes

easy to administer online

having your own CRM account

the option of free of charge debt collection

cover for claims that arise after the policy termination without additional fees



If you are interested in getting an introductory (non-binding indication) for insurance, credit limits etc. please fill in the appropriate information in the FORM.

SMART POLICY – a case study

SMART POLICY – a case study

A newly established veterinary supply wholesaler specialising in supplying a wide range of medicines for animals having been operating for few months and successfully expanding their client portfolio (mainly vet clinics) has just signed a large contract with one of the vet hospitals. This contract will greatly boost the company's sales this year. However, the client requires longer payment terms  reaching even up to 30 days (so far the wholesaler granted a 7 days payment term). Fast growth and a new big client is good news for the owners, but at the same time, they are aware of the risk of having too many delayed payments from one buyer who might possibly have problems paying in the future. This was the reason why the company took out Coface credit insurance.  

The company contacted Coface via easy online application and asked for insurance offer for young and developing companies. They expected a simple contract and ability to influence certain insurance conditions. In quick response, Coface proposed buying Coface Smart policy.    


The Coface Smart will protect the company against:

- the risk of payment default or buyer's insolvency

- the increased risk of a major loss that can seriously hurt its business


Debt collection, which was part of the insurance contract, turned out to be very useful. Collection is a standard prevention tool used even before the damage arises. The wholesale company, being able to influence the policy conditions, could decide whether to bear the cost of a possible collection  service, or whether to transfer the risk to the insurer.  

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