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Why factoring in Coface?

Take advantage of insurance and financing of receivables from one supplier.

Product integration gives benefits, because it allows adjustment of the offer to your individual requirements, the specificity of your business and the specificity of the industry. What is more the procedure of applying for credit limits is much simplified and faster.
Why factoring in Coface

The advantages of factoring in Coface:

Using the Coface business information database and the company's experience in credit insurance and debt collection, we are able to verify your contractors in a fast, efficient and reliable way. Thanks to the factoring, the level of timeliness of recipients is also significantly increased. This is proof of the disciplining nature of factoring. Non-recourse factoring also guarantees protection against bankruptcy or long delays in payments.

Coface international reach:

International reach gives Coface access to extensive knowledge and experience, we use it to implement the best solutions and also it give us the opportunity to provide export factoring services without external agents. Transactions are executed faster and generate much lower costs. As a factor, we assume the responsibilities related to the management of receivables. Thanks to this, our customers gain more time which they can spend on development and running a business. What is more our clients are able to limit the outlays intended for servicing receivables.
On-line tools



The great advantage of factoring in Coface is that customers can manage via our on-line service. Coface do not require paper documents. All invoices can be sent by electronically from the beginning of cooperation. Thanks to this, information about concluded transactions can be delivery much faster to Coface, so we are able to immediately send advance payments.

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