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Prevention stamp

A proven way of disciplining your clients

Four reasons to order COFACE PREVENTION STAMP:
  • clients pay faster seeing a logo of a renowned debt collection agency on your invoices
  • better prevent than cure
  • better image of a company caring about positive payment behavior
  • better liquidity, due to the timely repaying liabilities

The prevention stamp is a good tool to discipline your clients to pay on time.



The stamp clearly informs the buyer on transferring the collection case to Coface if the payment is late. The bright red colour draws the buyer's attention and encourages him to pay within the payment term. The stamp has a proven clear impact on better liquidity.



Prevention stamps are available in several languages.



Prevention Stamp - is a service offered to companies which are willing to inform their business partners that in the event of payment failure on schedule, the debt collection procedure will be conducted by a debt collecting company. This solution enables to reduce costs and minimizes the necessity to conduct debt collection proceedings in the future.


More detailed information on the Prevention Stamp has been provided in the attached PDF brochure.  >>

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