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Support of evaluation of the debtor's possessions

Four reasons to order Coface possession identification reports:
  • using information gathered by best licensed detectives
  • more effective pre-court collection
  • faster court proceedings
  • better effectiveness of court execution

Possession identification reports are made to streamline collection and court proceedings.


The reports also give better chances for effective court execution. Licensed detectives will examine the debtor's possessions on a order delivery date and investigate into any hidden or sold property. 


Such a report is very useful for both pre-court and court debt collection proceedings. For pre-court proceedings it is important to know what the debtor owns and what financial condition he is in to make collection more effective. For court proceedings a report is a useful accelerating factor and increases the effectiveness of court execution. Coface works with best detectives to identify debtor's possessions. We offer professional and reliable reports necessary to evaluate the debtor's possessions for possible collection proceedings.


We gather data on:
  • debtor's possessions and liabilities
  • debtor's bank accounts
  • debtor's clients to possibly collect the debt from them
  • Polish
  • English