Our offer

Collection after the order for payment

New debt collection service

What makes our offer stand out?

  • We will take your case no matter whether you obtained the order for payment working with us or with another debt collection company
  • The court execution procedure will be monitored by one of our top specialists dedicated to working with you
  • Our specialists, in cooperation with the bailiff, will participate in carrying execution out in the debtor's  premisses
  • We will carry out all collection activity working with our own law firm

A company having a legaly binding order to pay may take advantage of our new service working with Coface experts and Stefaniuk i Partnerzy Spółka Partnerska Adwokatów law firm, our legal service provider.


If you have a bailiff's order for payment, you may make use of the following services:


  • Drafting a formal execution application
  • Having your case conducted by a payment execution specialist
  • Working with a legal adviser as your plenipotentiary in court
  • Fliling in documents to a bailiff's office (we work only with selected, most effective bailiff's  officeses in Poland) 
  • Monitoring proper execution from the debtor' assets. 
  • Ongoing support given to the bailiff in his actions to fully recover overdue payments
  • Ongoing monitoring of the bailiff's proceedengs with the use of the latest IT systems allowing fast information flow.
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