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Coface is one of the leading  full-scale receivables management service provider – Poland and worldwide. With offices in 66 countries, Coface provides an integrated international debt collection network that overcomes the language and time zone barriers. We can share with you our vast experience and expertise in the international debt collection to effectively collect all over due receivables and make your business contacts safer.   
We give you:
  • prevention services – payment monitoring and a prevention stamp
  • pre-court debt collection in Poland and abroad,
  • in-court debt collection in Poland and abroad
  • a support in executing debt collection
  • company possession reports
We make use of numerous sources of information on debtors (Polish and foreign) and vast expertise  of vindication negotiators and lawyers. What's more, you will also benefit from our experience in credit insurance, factoring and credit reports provider to have your overdue receivables collected carried out according to the highest legal and ethical standards.    
Effective debt collection
Get your money back
By having access to special tools and data, a debt collection professional will be able to verify the real situation of your debtor as opposed to what he says. He may also examine your debtor's debtors situation to find out the reasons of a payment delay. Prolonging the payment term and delaying to order professional debt collection may lead to not collecting the money at all. 

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Pre-court debt collection

Court debt collection

Collection after the order for payment

Foreign debt collection

Prevention stamp

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