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Why business information in Coface

We create credit reports and recommendations about a company's credibility from around the world.

Coface is Poland's largest business intelligence agency. Our offices are located all over the world to be close to local markets. Thanks to our global experience, we are able to provide our clients professional products which can minimize risk and ensure safe trade.
Why business information in Coface

Quality Of Service:

Our long term experience and international reach in the market provide access to detailed commercial information which our customers can not obtain in as short a time using only their own resources.
The service we offer includes various products made stronger by the synergy between those products - credit insurance, factoring, business information and debt collection.
The customer can choose the scope of use of those products, tailored to their individual needs and business strategy.

Customer Service:

Our experienced customer service team of ensures high quality of services. We guarantee each customer an individual and professional service including post-sales service.
We provide a simple ordering process. The customer decides in what form he will receive the necessary information - either directly to CRM through the Webservice (API) or by the client app granting 24/7 access for an unlimited number of users. Our client app has a friendly interface and simple management in 13 language versions. In addition the client has the ability to use the app through mobile devices which provides quick access to the necessary data thus saving time normally dedicated to the independent acquisition of information.

Comprehensive Services, Comprehensive Databases:

No matter of the size of the company, country or customer sector, we offer innovative products that are tailored to customers needs and business strategy - information services,  insurance protection, financing receivables and debt collection services. We obtain current information about the current market situation of companies from our  powerful global network of gathering and analyzing business information, enriched by a network of Coface partners who supply our databases in real time.
Using our international knowledge and risk management skills, we make sectoral assessments and data verification of over 145 million companies around the world, 32 million companies in Central and Eastern Europe and 3.5 million companies in Poland. We prepare custom reports for each country utilizing our unique scoring model.
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