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What is business information

Verify your contractor using our Business Information.

Business Information is a complete set of data about a company necessary to assess the credibility and morality of a paying party and determine its creditworthiness.
what is bussines information

In an era of rapid changes, determining the creditworthiness of customers can be difficult.

For companies which sell internationally, distinguishing a good customer from a potentially insolvent one is even more difficult.
Coface uses a lot of elements to assess the probability of bankruptcy of the company, determining the amount of risk of cooperation. Our rating is based on a professional analysis of the organizational and legal data of the audited company (including historical data), financial information and negative data (insolvency and debt collection experience). Thanks to the verification and analysis of the collected materials by our analysts, we are sure that the information provided by us is fully reliable.
In risk management, we rely on a powerful global network of gathering and analyzing business information, enriched by a network of Coface partners who supply our databases in real time. The collected and analyzed information is presented, inter alia, in the form of trade reports. Thanks to our credit risk assessment services, you can optimally manage your sales development efforts.
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