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How does business information work

Our Business Intelligence system analyzes and determines the amount of risk of resulting from trade interactions and cooperation

Prevention of risks associated with insolvency begins by collecting relevant and up-to-date information about a company and it's business environment.
How does bussines information work
Analysis of this information ultimately helps in making decisions. Our business information services include providing unprocessed data and providing risk-taking recommendations.
As opposed to many other information providers, Coface as a global leader in the credit insurance actually assumes and analyzes credit risk. The way we analyze credit data has a direct impact on our own profits. By using internal data and external information, we assess the risk of over 145 million companies in more than 150 countries.
It should be remembered that the commercial risk that occurs in everyday economic trade can bring many negative consequences and effects. Negative consequences and effects such as damage to assets, lower profitability via higher costs of running the business, reduced competitiveness, impact on relations with contractors, damage to corporate image and reputation, problems in the industry such as the "domino effect", financial liquidity loss and even bankruptcy.

What is the @rating?

The @rating defines the probability of default (PD) for a company over the next 12 months.
All collected data are aggregated into objective risk indicators, expressed in a scale of 0 to 10. The prognostic accuracy of the @rating is 3 times higher than any other static rating.
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