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Credit reports

Coface extensive and up-dated databases are a great source of creditworthiness knowledge

  • 24/7 online access to the database of the largest credit information provider in Poland allows to immediately download the credit reports and order new ones
  • the most up-to-date information, compiled by local Coface entities as well as our international partners
  • financial data with Coface credit rating and information about the recommended maximum credit limit
  • professional client service – our services support department is available by phone or e-mail to answer your questions and assist you with your information requests

The source of knowledge on your clients' business condition. Complete range of credit assessment tools.


Coface credit reports can be conveniently ordered online or download (prepared report) in real-time. They contain an evaluation of a company (Coface @rating score is the unique evaluation system uses a number of data elements to assess a company’s short-term probability of default, helping you determine whether a customer is an acceptable or a high risk) and recommendation on a level of a maximum credit limit. Using that information will help you secure your business with Polish and foreign clients.  


What distinguishes Coface reports is the most updated financial information combined with a detailed creditworthiness analysis.

Credit report also contains: payment assessment, maximum trade credit limit recommended by Coface, ownership information, negative information (payment practices, being under debt collection process, insolvency)




As a world renowned complex receivables management provider (credit information provider, credit insurer, factor and debt collector), we make thousands of credit decisions every day, on companies around the world. It’s in our best interest to use the most current, most accurate company information available.





Our clients have a 24-hour access to databases online plus some other helpful tools like XML Webservice making a search easier and faster saving your time and money.

Every customer that utilizes the information services has 24-hour access to ICON database – an Internet application that allows our Clients to communicate on-line. ICON is a source of information on almost 600 thousand Polish and nearly 9.5 million companies in Central – Eastern Europe. In addition, as part of the integrated system for managing risk we have rapid access to a database on 65 million companies around the world.


Every customer can get login and password to connect to our application. Access to online database is for unlimited number of users.

Moreover, you can log into the ICON database from your own IT environment and integrate all necessary information based on save access via XML Webservice. XML Web Service is designed so that you can automate your search in our ICON database and integrate the ordering process directly into your own systems and web sites.

Business information provider – a case study

Business information provider – a case study

A company owner asked Coface to prepare credit reports on 34 of his major clients.


It turned out that 6 out of 8 clients being late with their payments (more than 30 days overdue), Coface had a negative entry on being reported for debt collection, and one of them was going through bankruptcy.


These companies were rated negatively and Coface recommended cancelling credit limits. Once getting this information, the client decided to start collection immediately.


Additionally, the client ordered a service to monitor the remaining clients to be informed on their financial situation on an ongoing basis.

Credit Report - is a tool which supports the decision-making processes and increases the safety of both domestic and foreign commercial transactions. Trade reports are taken advantage of by businesses which require information concerning the potential and credibility of their trade partners, and which are willing to know the level of financial risk of the company being the subject of the analysis.


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