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Coface is the biggest business information provider, offering full credit risk assessment of both Polish and foreign companies. We give you access to a variety of data including organizational structure (also  history data), financial data and any other informations that may have an impact on the company rating (insolvency,  debt collection information etc.). The analysis of this information by our risk assessment expert, helps with decision-making.
In the context of risk management, we rely on a global business information gathering and analysis network – we verify companies in 158 countries.
Check your potential client
By offering buyers deferred payment terms, you carry a risk of late or no payment. All businesses  getting paid on a later date than the actual sales should make all effort to reduce such risk by  analysing the clients' business and financial situation. It may be problematic if you have to make risk assessment of tens or hundreds of new and current clients, therefore business information provider come in as assistance.   


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