About the conference

Country Risk Conferences have been organised by the Group since 2006 in Paris. Polish office has been organising these conferences in Warsaw since 2006.

In Polish conferences, we mainly focus on global trade transaction risks, world's economy tendencies analysis, risk assessment in Poland as well as on safe ways of developing exports. Those conferences are highly appreciated for diversity of topics and for being non-profit, yet professionally treated by both the organisers and guest speakers. We invite leading economists, analysts, banking and insurance experts, representatives of business organisations and finally, exporters themselves. By hosting a conference we aim at sharing our knowledge with entrepreneurs who are in the process of making important strategic decisions to develop their businesses. We welcome both big and medium-size companies, their presidents, board members, CFOs, financial inspectors and all those responsible for risk assessment. 


Idea of Coface Country Risk Conference

For 18 years, Coface has been organising yearly country risk conferences mainly for the biggest European companies, financial sector experts and research institutes. The experts outline a current risk spectrum and analyse world economy tendencies against current economic affairs and their impact on economy. After a conference, Coface publishes a risk report for 158 countries with expert analyses and macroeconomic developments and updates available free of charge on all local Coface web pages.

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