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Systems for Coface customers
Systems for Coface customers

At Coface, we know how important operational efficiency is in risk management in commercial transactions. To facilitate the work and service of our systems, we constantly increase efforts introducing new features and facilities.
To use the following applications, a computer with Internet access is sufficient. All sent data is confidential, secured by 256 or 128-bit encryption.
To manage your credit insurance, apply for credit limits, report overdue dates, select CofaNet Essentials. If you want to manage your factoring agreement, send your invoices to Coface using CofaFactor.
Are you looking for information about your contractors? You want to monitor the risk of your portfolio? Use the InfoICON application. To check the current status of submitted cases for debt collection click CofaNet Debt Collection. The CofaPay system will allow you to monitor your receivables and provide a full analysis of your clients' payment behavior.


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