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Sector analysis reports

Current condition of a sector

  • benchmarking with other in the sector – competition analysis reports
  • financial results database useful for management, planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • analysis is made according to specific client criteria and needs
  • the reports are drawn up by a professional financial institution

A Coface sector analysis report features a current sector situation, forecasts for the sector and the companies indicated by the client. The report contains a detailed analysis of a sector against the whole economy, indication of potential paths of development, a SWOT analysis, information on bankruptcies in the sector and negative. A report like this may help plan and optimise your business  within your sector or to offer your products to a new business sector.


Sector Analysis - is an analysis which provides the overview of the current standing of a chosen industry, the prospects for its development, as well as the characteristics of the competitors in the market.


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