Patrice Luscan, Coface, becomes the 41st President of ICISA


At the Annual General Meeting of ICISA (International Credit Insurance and Surety Association), marking its 90th anniversary, the membership elected Patrice Luscan, Marketing and Innovation Director of the Coface Group, as President of ICISA.

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Country and sector risks worldwide


• A sense of déjà-vu between the economic contexts of 2018 and of 2012-2013
• Italy, downgraded to A4, has been the focus of all attention
• The rise in oil prices is benefiting the energy sector in several countries but, combined with capital outflows, is detrimental to the economies of Argentina, Turkey, Sri Lanka and India
• Construction and retail are the primary sectors to be affected by the currency risk in the emerging countries
• The intensification of protectionist policies is alarming businesses

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Taking stock of global metal sector trends and outlook


Global metals sector: prices to continue to rise in 2018, ahead of a possible slight decline in 2019.

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Western Balkans’ accession to EU membership likely to be completed - supported by the region’s strategic importance


The European Union - Western Balkans Summit will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 17th of May 2018. This meeting aims to reaffirm the EU’s commitment towards the Western Balkans gaining EU membership. Coface’s economists see the EU accession as likely to happen, particularly as it would counterbalance Russian and Chinese presence in the region.

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